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                                                       Winterize It !
                  If you live in the north, chances are you've parked your
                  machine for the season ! Even if the weather's not that cold
                  where you live, the problems caused by not winterizing your
                  bike have more to do with the amount of time the bike is
                  sitting, than the actual temperature.

                  Most spring running problems come from failure to properly
                  store the bike for winter ! While you're indoors celebrating
                  the holidays, don't forget about your bike ! Is your battery
                  draining out it's last volts, while last October's fuel is
                  varnishing & clogging your bike's carbs or injectors ?

                  Here are some tips for keeping your bike
                  running right for your first ride.
                  Fuel stabilizer can be purchased at most auto or motorcycle shops.
                  Fill the tank according to the instructions on the container, then
                  run the stabilized fuel through the system. Turn the petcock off,
                  and run the bike until it stumbles from lack of fuel, then use the
                  choke to run it completely dry. Most of the running problems & carb
                  overhauls in springtime can be avoided by just spending 15 minutes to
                  do this !
                  While the engine is still warm, drain the oil and remove the
                  filter. Once the oil is drained replace the drain plug, add fresh oil,
                  fill a new stock oil filter half way to the top with oil and install it.
                  Now that you've got fresh oil in the engine, don't start your bike !
                  The moisture and acids that are the by-products of
                  combustion will contaminate your new oil and can cause
                  corrosion during the months ahead.
                  Avoid having to buy a new battery at the start of riding
                  season ! Take it out now and store it where it's warm and
                  well ventilated if possable. What about charging ? Don't use an
                  auto battery charger, they'll shorten the life of AGM batteries
                  from over charging. I'd recommend a Battery Tender Jr.The
                  advantage of the Battery Tender is that you can leave it plugged in,
                  and it automatically maintains the optimal charge all winter, just
                  like the way an alternator charges it.

                  Last, don't forget about the effect of cold on your tires !
                  When the temperature drops so does tire pressure, which causes
                  flat spots and dry rot ! Take the weight off both tires if at all
                  possable.And make sure to check your tire pressure before your
                  first spring ride.