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Who The Hell Is Chopper                            

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Chop's Garage Closed it's Doors 8/24/2013

But I'm keeping this site open and will start posting more as I get my face "in the wind"

See you on the road!

Chopper died this morning, August 30, 2015, on the road doing what he wanted. His heart just gave out due to complications with his COPD just after finding out he had lung cancer and had to be on oxygen 24/7 the rest of his life. It was going to suck, and I'm happy he passed in his sleep peacefully because he would have hated the whole thing, His last ride was twice down Hwy 141 in Colorado, TWICE last weekend. If you've never done it, put it on the list because it was freakin biker's dream road...curves, river in the canyon below and sheer gorgeous red cliffs both sides. You all know Chop was one of a kind...old school, honest and kind with a little berserking in his past. He was my friend for 35 years and I'm going to miss him dearly. He's going to be cremated like he wanted and no service. He never would want a gathering with flags, prayers, etc, he'd want people to just ride and live and love life. He always wanted a road that never ends and a tank that never ran out of gas and I think he just got it. I'll miss him terribly but I'm celebrating his life and how he gave a finger to the cancer and just slipped away. Good on him, eh? He hated to leave me and Marley but he's still my rock and I'll make it. I wanted to post the Door's 'This is the end' link but I'm on his puter and not sure how he copies and pastes with it, so cool if one of you could add that in a reply here. I thank all of you that were his friend and supported him through some hard times. I will come back and try to respond later after I've pulled some stuff back together. The world is a little less cool right now but he really was someone who did understand that it's not the destination but the journey and you all should try to live life YOUR way doing YOUR thing even if you have to be a working class hero in between. Fuckin' ride on Chop, you earned it.

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I have collected information, pic's & things of interest off the internet and posted them on my site to share, if I have posted anything that belongs to you and your mother  never taught you to share, just let me know and I'll be glad to take the item off my site. Well What are you waiting for? Click on any Gif or image and see where it takes you, almost anything you click on will take you somewhere.



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