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Harley Davidson's 2007 HEAT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM



To improve rider comfort on all 2007 stock Touring model motorcycles Harley Davidson added an optional heat management system that may be downloaded through Digital Technician. After the download, the heat management system reduces engine temperature by turning off the rear cylinder fuel injector whenever the following four conditions exist:


* High engine temperature

* Engine at idle speed

* Vehicle not moving

* Clutch lever pulled in or transmission in neutral


Although idle speed is maintained, the rear cylinder actually functions as an "air pump" to help cool the engine. This continues only until one of the above conditions is no longer met, at which point the rear cylinder fires normally again. When the engine is in heat management mode, a difference in idle cadence may be accompanied by a unique exhaust odor. While these are normal conditions, a rider or technician unaware of the heat management download may incorrectly assume an idle problem is present.