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Bill Fenderson
by Robert Hall on 

It was nice to see the pics of Bill Fenderson from Fairbanks. He was a good friend back between 85-88 when I lived there. Bought my first bike from him. Good man! I don't see any pics of his 200 lb dog Easy. What ever happened to Sabina?

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Love Bikes
by convertible67 on 

Just found you's on Google looking up Vrod servicing.Thanks convertible67@hotmail.com

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by Tbones on 

Congrats on your new shop bro!!!  Looks kewl...  I'll have to come visit again and see your new shop...  Much success your way bro, if there is anything I can do to help, you know you can call on me anytime bro...  Take care...  T

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Marci the Escrow Officer
by Marci on 

Hey Chopper  & Sue Chopper's Wife!  I've thought about you both over the years since our meeting at the title company in Pocatello.  Hope you both are doing well and kicking A$$.  God Bless!

Marci Bradley

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New Link for Chop's Garage!
by RichardS on 

Thought you might want to see this:


That link will take you to a site for a non-profit organization dedicated to the re-training of disabled Americans so that they can lead full and productive lives again. It is owned and run by a member of the HarleyTalking family, "Tbones".

When you check out the site, you will see that besides the wonderful article written about HarleyTalking, he has also placed an "outbound link" for Chop's Garage there!

Tbones, or "T" as he prefers to be called by his Brothers, is a great guy who wants to help his fellow biker brothers out there any way he can, so he has placed that link on his site in the hope it will send some traffic your way! Just thought you'd like to see it!

Warm Regards,

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by RichardS on 

Hi Chop and Sue!
What a pleasure it always is to visit your awesome site! This site has so much to offer a visitor could spend all day just browsing around!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for your support of www.HarleyTalking.com and as you know, you have the complete respect and admiration of every member from our site, which is growing daily thanks to your support!

Our first big event, "The Flag Journey", is quickly approaching and we are so proud that you have so graciously agreed to be our first "Meet Point" along the Flag's journey!

Clint and Clutchglass will be coming from 1500 miles apart, north and south respectively, to meet at your shop with the site Flag in hand, and we expect many other members to join in the run to your place as well and come from hundreds of surrounding miles to see your awesome and legendary shop!

Your hospitality is so greatly appreciated! I've been riding for over 40 years Chopper, and as Rob (Hobbit) always says, YOU are "The Real Deal", a TRUE BIKER BROTHER, in every sense of the word, and everyone who knows you would entrust you with their lives! I have no doubt there isn't a biker within a 100 miles who would service their scoot anywhere else with Chop's Garage as a first choice!

Thanks again for always being there for us!

You are an incredible Man Of Honor and I am PROUD to call you my Brother!

Warmest Regards to you and Sue from Cathy and I, and from everybody at www.harleytalking.com, a family of bikers who "Live For The Ride, NOT "the rules"!, the proud and official owners of the HDTalking trademark!

We remain forever in your debt!

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great service
by scooter on 

great service on the parts order! Great shop! Hope there is a get together this coming weather change(some of us old beaters cant do the slush LOL!)  Seems there was time down Ben Wheeler Texas way, ah nah, thats another gig!




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by Steve on 

Sweet site,

Ya get that warm feelin when someone is on the same wavelength

Ride easy, Play hard.

From Ireland

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by Geier on 

hey, i am from austria, your homepage is very nice and intressting, please look at my homepage: its: www.zumgeier.at
thanks and a nice day. by

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Honored Guest
by Gunr on 

Great site, Chop - love the pics! Just in checking out the Reda gas cans - had a riding bud run out on the Kansas turnpike last summer, these may just be the answer!

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Great Site!
by Mike "YUKON" on 


Great Site!!! So much interesting information and also Cool pictures!!!Thank you!
Mike "YUKON"from Canada

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From The Fish

How you doing. I was watching the White Horse Hog Rally video you made the other day. Had the idea to Google you and found your web site. Not doing much with scooters these days. Don't even have any Harleys any more. Only have my BMW R90S and a Rickman Triumph. Moved from Alaska to Vacaville Ca. in 96 to work for Allstate and raise my girls by thier grand parents and cousins. Need to know your family you know. I talk to Duffy every once in awhile. Haven't spoke with Barry since Jenings passed. Hope he and Tamera are doing ok.  Great web site. Even saw myself on it. Great bike show video from Cheap Charlies. Forgot you and Duffy won trophies. Those were some great times. Will see you around one of these days. Take care.

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On Route 66
by Walleye on 

I can't wait to see your shop in the real. Thanks for all your help on the .net Chopper.

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Retired Soldier/Miner/Biker
by Clutch on 

Great site Chopper...I'll definetley be back!


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tire change
by lineman on 





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by BlaineDalke on 

Hey Chopper: Just looked at your web site. Fucking Fantastic! Glad you got your shop off the ground. If I need any work done on my HOG I'll bring it to you. Again great web site. Later Brainz

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Hey Chop n Sue
by Char & Jeff on 

hey   chopper   glad to here that  you  are doing  good  and that  you  started a shop  tell  sue  we  said  hi  well  I  smell  dinner got to go for now good luck  on the shop  talk  to soon  see ya

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by junker on 

Found this site searching for a garage built chopper forum.Looks like I found one.Gonna quit writing now so I can check it out.Later.

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Love This Site
by JackKlarich1 on 

Chop, and Sue you have a great site I hope things are going good with this bad economy, just ordered a shirt today  cant wait to wear it to work, best of luck  talk to yo soon  missing you at The Forum, Glider has renamed me Capital Jack   the keys on my puter got stuck and now Bubbie and me are scared of the poof button LOL, Jack

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Best of luck!
by Futurerider on 



Best of luck in your new adventure.


After reading so many of your post's on HDT, I know, you really know  your way around a bike and will have no trouble being successful.


I really like the website, very well done.


Now go turn the wrenches and make another biker happy he lives in Idaho.


[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

Great site
by Redfish-Joe on 

Good luck with your business.
Remember, Being over the hill isn't as bad as being under it!

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Good Luck.
by hobo55 on 

Best of luck,great looking site.


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by RichardSyr on 



I’m so happy for you Bro! Making it all on your own is one tough decision and requires a lotta guts and a lotta stamina, and with your fantastic talents, you could have chosen an easy paycheck since ANY shop is always thrilled to have you on the team!


BUT, you chose to be your OWN boss, and while “the paycheck” doesn’t come as easy, it’s so much more satisfying when it does, and you’re going to be a phenomenal success with both the huge payday AND the satisfaction that comes with being the Big Dog and the HMFIC! (I know you know what THAT stands for!)


I don’t have a lot in my life I feel sorry about, but I do have one thing for sure, and that is where we both live in relation to each other, because if we weren’t so many miles apart you’d be turning every bolt on all five scoots in my stable and every bolt on every scoot my buds ride, I’d see to THAT!


I’ll have to be satisfied with out-fitting myself and The Blonde Bombshell with those way-cool T’s you’re selling so I can spread the word out here in South Jersey that Chopper’s Garage is the place to go if a road trip is within a couple hundred miles of the final destination! It would be the best way-point I could ever plan!


Hopefully one day you’ll see me and the SJ Gang rolling into your lot for some mad times, but till then, my very best wishes to you an your family!


Like I told you on HDTalking, I’m not gonna wish you “luck”, cause Bro, a guy like you doesn’t depend on luck to “shape your destiny”, you MAKE your destiny  through sheer determination, talent, and hard work. With what you’ve got, there’s no need for “luck”!


Hope to see you on the forum when you’ve got a spare moment! We all know how incredibly busy you’ve been, but know we’re all rooting for you and have all the confidence in the world you’ll make your shop the best there is!


Warmest Regards,






PS: Bro, what an awesome site you have!

I could spend the whole day just hanging out here! TERRIFIC job!

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by Sixpak on 

Awsome site Chopper. Love all the pics and info.

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great site
by KYHDMAN on 

great looking site with lots of info. wish you well in your business venture and believe  me nothing like being your own boss and calling your own shots.have been my own employer for 34 yrs

                                          BEST OF LUCK  KYHDMAN

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Chops Shop
by JackKlarich1 on 

Good looking site, congrats on being your own boss. Hope all goes well for you, will be looking to buy merchandise so I can advertise for you here in Florida Best of luck, Thanks for the friendship and yhe knowledge you have shared with me, Jack Klarich Slowriders RC

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by hobbituk on 

Looking good Chopper, all the best for the future

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cindy bowmer aka CYD
by cbowmer on 

 Hey Chopper, it's great to see ur still in town and got ur shop up and ready to go. tell Sue hi for me. can't waite to see the both of u.

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by rj on 

glad to see your opening your shop next time when i am in town have to check it out

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by Sue Choppers-Wife on 

When are you going to build me that bike?

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

good stuff
by rj on 

just seen chopper today and he looking good ,sounds like good things are a comming in the spring cant wait

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

Hey Chopper
by dayriderglide on 

Hope your feeling well Bro, this is a cool site . I had a high time playing pool , lets go to the blue heeler sometime , Doug

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hey from Philthy
by philthy on 

miss ya brother...

things aint the same down at eagle rock

been checkin your website..... and man i'm impressed

my email is philthy49@hotmail.com if ya need a way to spend all that

free time.


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Let's ride......
by crzydad on 

 The site is looking great!! Love the pics of all your bikes....

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First Time Viewer
by shauna56 on 

 Great website!!  I live in Pennsylvania and visited your shop in Poky last summer. It had been 8 yrs since the last visit there, nice to see that area getting some class while they let oldtown DIE!

Nice website, I am going to keep watching! Thanks for the view!


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Old lost friend
by Buzzard on 

Sittin on this mountain in the snow above Williams, AZ. Checkin your pages again, like a number of times before. Great way to kill time and remember old times in Florida and other places. Birgit and I miss you both. Take care.

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old biker in pokeatato
by stu wardlow on 

 ..chopper, nice web site man, thanks for showin pics of my 1930 hd with sidecar, i hope we get lots of nice ridin days so i can find a nice female friend to ride in the sidecar with my dog spunky. later bro. http://21stcenturyantiquemotorcyclerestorationandrepair.comregards, stu                                                  

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by dvsdan on 


Great site! Made it back to Nebraska. Just in time for some more snow.  It is Feburary, I dont know what I was expecting.

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by rj on 

well may be good year ,who would thunk it went for a ride on new years day (in pocatello no less ) wierd sure felt good tho !!

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by rj on 

enjoy pics damm cold here maybe ride again soon untill then  we have to just dream huh.

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by Big Mike on 

Great website! One of the best that I have seen in a long time! Not many have the time or dedication any more....Keep up the great work!

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

Just hey
by Paula on 

Just wanted to drop in and say hey! Love your site.

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

awesome site
by Ernie on 

everythng about your site is awesome, bikes,  babes and all. Bitchin layout and content. couldnt ask for better.


Thanks man.

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Cross Bones
by Springer on 

Thanks for pullin' my Springer  on the dyno a couple of weeks ago. I tought I would send you a pic of my Cross Bones. It was nice seeing you again. Hope you got that primary leak in check

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Just me & Sailor
by moon on 

 Hi Pop,

Just checking in, I forwarded memorial 2 a few friends and family,

love ya and Ma:)

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by Byrdie on 

Lookin to buy some old sergeant stripes for fender of old pan-got any or any leads on some? www.myspace.com/daytonabyrdie

or just email me please-thanks in advance

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

From Eastern Oregon
by riderboy1961 on 

Chop; this is the nicest biker site ive ever been on ! pics from the past to present, very cool bro!!  and thanks!

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

Great site.
by crazydad on 

Hey Chopper, Like the site great pics, good reads. Take care.

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

email / myspace
by Molly on 

 http://www.myspace.com/justmollyg   and motomamaHD@q.com

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by justMolly on 

 here is an updated e-mail should you ever have to mail me somethin' super important, like winning lotto numbers so i can finally afford a bike! 

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by Molly on 


Awsome page, but a few to many boobs for me. Not my type i guess! Have a good one!


[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

got email ....?
by Suds on 

can't find a link to send an email ... drop a line if ya got time. ride free ~Suds

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

a Texas bikers website
by Suds on 

Great site, complicated guestbook tho, wasn't sure how to leave a mark but think we got'r done now. Ride Free ~Suds

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by terry chism on 

thanks for fixing up our bike everytime we need it fixed up. got more work coming your way soon. love the website though tina was a bit aggressive when she saw me looking at the girls a little too closely.

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by Ric on 

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

the copper head
by david leissring on 

just looks great  like the bikes an the girls, yur fixed on big bumpers  huh long legs, ya think.

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by BOSTON.... on 


[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

Great page Chopp
by Griff on 

Hey Chopp,


       The page is great.  The pics are cool.  Your work is even better


[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

Great Site
by Bill Davis on 

Love it Chops. Who new you were just as talented on the computer as you are in the shop. I put a link on my page at http//:hard-ride.blogspot.com

Bill "uglicoyote" Davis

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by Big John on 

Thanks for getting back with me,and I found some shit on line as for my wiring issue. By the way, the next time you get to NM.,look me up.We'll ride.


[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

Cool Site
by Big John on 

Was looking for a wiring diagram for my chopper when I ran into your site.Cool,Love the mad cow.Still need a diagram for my chopper.

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great site
by PACKRAT on 

 Thanks for letting me visit - great bikes,babes&pinups I like choppers but currently have a 78 Superglide/fl-74 cases with 80 parts I built in 2005

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by free59mod on 

well i live in north pole now up from wash st. great site

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

Great Site
by Spyder on 


Very nice site. Nice place to hang out.

Spyder.... Minnesota

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by J on 

You know what this site needs?  Something like a "Ways to get better mileage" page or something.  Prolly be right popular....




[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

The Crazy Red-Head From HELL

Just riding through man. Great job on the site.              RIDE HARD, PARTY HARDER, STAY FREE!          HELLRAISER.

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

Wanna Trade?
by Julie on 

Hey-  nice site-  I like all the little links.   But you're missing a link-  to me!!  Congrats Chop!!

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by AJAmato@hotmail.com on 
Hey I like yer' site chop, that's some cool shit, especially the titties!!!
[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

by ruffle@att.net on 
Nice site, Chpper.

Hope that all's well. We're into a not-so-hot summer here now, and the days are already getting shorter again.

Ya' oughta' expand on that 'bikes and babes' page a bit more; I'll visit more often!! ;^>)

[ ] Comments     Permalink     Add Comment

Sue Choppers-Wife
by chromechopper@cableone.net on 
Hey, great site! I especially like that cute girl on the black Sporty :)
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