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First year of the Electra Glide. 12 volt electrics and a new frame for the larger battery. The oil tank is moved to the left side and the footshift model gets a "Turnpike" 5 gallon tank. The primary cover is aluminum, the spark advance automatic and stronger cases and clutch for the higher torque starter. Gone is the trumpet horn for a disc unit, and shock chrome domed caps. Enter the ball end brake and clutch hand levers.
The 1965 FLH Specs: 8:1 compression, 60hp @ 5,400rpm, chain drives, 12 volt battery, double down tube, 60" wheelbase, 783lbs, 5 gallon fuel, 4 qts oil, 100mph.


Servi-Car, 45ci Flathead, 3 speed and reverse

# mfg.

GE Servi-Car, without tow bar




Panhead: 74ci, 4 speed, electric start


FLB Electra-Glide


FLFB Electra-Glide, foot-shift

FLHB Electra-Glide, Super Sport

FLHFB Electra-Glide, Super Sport, foot-shift


Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - Sport sidecar for Duo's
· LEC - chassis w/wheel and fender


1965 Panhead colors


Holiday Red

Police Silver

Police Birch White

Hi-Fi Red

Hi-Fi Blue

Stated color with Birch White tank panels.
Extra cost: Hi-Fi Red, Hi-Fi Blue.


1965 Servicar colors


Holiday Red

Police Silver

Birch White