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This year saw the "Tombstone" style speedometer on the Duo-Glides and Servi-cars, with brushed aluminum center in tombstone shape, and various other brushed aluminum components. The two rectangular indicators have been replaced with three round ones.


Servi-Cars, 45ci Flatheads, 3 speed and reverse

# mfg.


G, tow bar



GA, without tow bar





Duo-Glides, 74ci, 4 speed



FL Sport



FLF Sport, foot-shift


FLH Super Sport


FLHF Super Sport, foot-shift



Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - Sport sidecar for Duo's
· LEC - chassis w/wheel and fender
· LA - Topper sidecar
· LM - Topper utility box


1962 Panhead colors


Tango Red

Police Silver

Police Birch White

Hi-Fi Red

Hi-Fi Purple

Hi-Fi Blue


Stated color with Birch White tank panels.
Extra cost: Hi-Fi Red, Hi-Fi Purple, Hi-Fi Blue.


1962 Servicar colors

Skyline Blue


Birch White

Tango Red

Police Silver