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1951: a new tank emblem, "Harley-Davidson" in script with a bar underneath.

45" changes: Heads secured w/cap screws, fixed jet Linkert M-54 carb, chrome plated exhaust connection pipe, single stripe rear fender trim.

Panhead changes: Chrome plated piston compression rings were meant to help prevent scorring of jug walls during breakin. A 2 piece cam-(separate gear) was introduced with ramps on both sides of the lobe. Pushrod ball sockets frequently worked themselves loose, so rocker arms were machined with pushrod sockets. The exhaust "S" and "Y" downtubes were chromed and a new shouldered exhaust port clamp was installed, (the shoulder facing the head). Neoprene cork composition pushrod seals improved oil leakage from the tubes, single stripe rear fender trim replaces the sergeant stripes, rocker cover D-ring made of 3 layers of sheet metal spot welded together and fastened by 9 phillips srews and 3 allen head screws. These D-rings were placed inbetween the pan cover and mounting screws to prevent cover distortion caused by overtightening the screws, which caused oil leaks. Midyear saw the M-74B carb which would remain through 1965, also midyear a larger diameter pinion shaft. Optionally for $1.50, you could get a chromed "Hydra-Glide" emblem for the front fender, available through '54.



# mfg.


WL Solo, 45ci, 3 speed






Servi-Car, 45", 3 speed and reverse



G, tow bar



GA, without tow bar






Panhead, OHV, 4 speed



EL Hydra-Glide Sport Solo, 61ci, high compression



ELS Hydra-Glide Sidecar Twin, 61ci, medium compression



FL Hydra-Glide Sport Solo, 74ci, high compression



FLS Hydra-Glide Sidecar Twin, 74ci, med-compression






Specialty Models



WL-SP 45ci, aluminum heads



WLS Sidecar Twin, 45ci



WR Racer, 45ci



WRTT Racer, 45ci, TT racer




Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - right hand sidecar
· M - Package Truck w/cover
· MC - chassis for M


Colors for 1951

Brilliant Black

Persian Red

Rio Blue

Police Silver

Metallic Green


Metallic Blue

Metallic green, white, metallic blue at extra cost

Options: Deluxe Solo, Sport Solo, Utility Solo, Standard Police, Utility for sidecare or Package Truck, Deluxe Solo for WL, Sport Solo for WL, Utility Solo for WL, Deluxe servicar, Utility servicar, Deluxe sidecar.