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Introduction of the Hydra-Glide, named for the hydraulic front forks. Despite the availability of hydraulic forks for package truck and sidecar models, the springer was recommended because the Hydra-Glide had insufficient trail for good stability for those configurations.

Universal changes include: "Siliconized" black painted mufflers, optional rubber mounted handlebars and stainless steel air cleaner cover, and for one year - stainless steel timer and generator covers and chrome relay cover.

Hydra-Glide: one piece Air-Flow front fender, 2 piece hinged Air-Flow rear fender with 3 "Sergeant stripes", horn mount between wishbone frame members, Timken roller bearings used in steering head, Silicon Silver painted cylinders, cast iron manifold, intake rocker bearings with oilers to spray intake valves. A new friction steering damper was mounted on the steering stem of the forks. A knob adjusted pressure on the unit's spider spring. The handlebars were adjustable. The rubber mounted handlebar option, ($18.75), were chrome, and the solid mounts were black. The handlebars also contained the coils from the spirals and wiring from horn and light switches. The headlamp went from the Springers 7" to the Hydra-Glides 8.19". The Hydra-glide also fashioned a larger 8" drum brake compared to it's 7.25" predecesor. HD updated the carb and manufactured their own breaker points in '49.



# mfg.


WL Solo, 45ci, 3 speed






Servi-Car, 45ci, 3 speed and reverse



G, tow bar



GA, without tow bar






Panhead, OHV, 4 speed



EL Hydra-Glide Sport Solo, 61ci, high compression



E Hydra-Glide Solo, 61ci, medium compression



ES Hydra-Glide Sidecar Twin, 61ci, medium compression



EP Sidecar Twin, 61ci, spring fork



ELP Sport Solo, 61ci, spring fork



FL Hydra-Glide Sport Solo, 74ci, high compression



F Hydra-Glide, Solo, 74ci, med-compression



FS Hydra-Glide Sidecar Twin, 74ci, med-compression



FP Sidecar Twin, 74ci, spring fork



FLP Sport Solo, 74ci, spring fork






Specialty Models



WL-SP 45ci, aluminum heads



WLS Sidecar Twin, 45ci



WR Racer, 45ci




Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - right hand sidecar
· M - Package Truck w/cover
· MC - chassis for M


1949 colors

Brilliant Black


Peacock Blue

Police silver

Metallic Congo Green

Metallic congo green at extra cost.