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Introduction of the Panhead. The Panhead was a different top end on an existing bottom end. The E and F designations remained. This is the first and last year for chromed Pan covers, as subsequent years would be stainless steel. Panheads were made to improve oil flow and consumption. One of the biggest advances was the hydraulic lifter, which meant less adjusting, and a cooler running engine. The frame would need to be stretched to accomodate the taller engine, and was designated the "wishbone" for it's bowed downtubes.

FL specs: 73.73ci, (1208.19c), 3.44" x 4" bore/stroke, 7:1 compression, 50hp @ 4,800rpm, 33.3mm Schebler carb, chain drives, 59.5" wheelbase, 565lbs, 1 gallon oil, 3.75 gallon fuel, 100mph.

Other changes to the line up include "edge lighted" speedometers by Stewart-Warner, (with an odometer, tripometer, bluish gray center panel, cream white mph numbers and red indicator needle. Original outer casings were chromed. Optional Deluxe Solo Saddle, (returning after the war), a wiring terminal box under the seat, and prefab process of enamel painted surface called "Bonderized". All of the Big Twins received steering head locks, high-temp black painted muffler and exhaust pipes, (late year = Silver painted pipes), and an optional tank mounted oil filter.





WL Solo, 45ci , 3 speed






Servi-Car, 45", 3 speed and reverse



G, tow bar



GA, without tow bar






Panhead, OHV, 4 speed



EL Special Sport Solo, 61ci, high compression



E Sport Solo, 61ci, medium compresssion



ES Sidecar Twin, 61ci, medium compression



FL Special Sport Solo, 74ci, high compression



F Sport Solo, 74ci, med-compression



FS Sidecar Twin, 74ci, med-compression






Specialty Models



WL-SP 45ci, w/aluminum heads



WLS Sidecar Twin, 45ci



WR Racer, 45ci




Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - right hand sidecar
· M - Package Truck w/cover
· MC - chassis for M


Colors for 1948

Brilliant Black

Flight Red

Azure Blue

Police Silver