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"S-3" synthetic rubber tires and black carbs.


Servi-Car, 45ci, 3 speed and reverse

# mfg.

G, tow bar


GA, without tow bar




Specialty models


WLA, 45ci (US Army)


WLC, 45ci (Canadian Army)



Sidecars & Chassis:
· LE - Sidecar single passenger
· LEC - LE chassis
· LS - sidecare for 45ci
· LSC - LS chassis LLE - left hand LE
· LLEC- LLE chassis LLS - left hand LS
· LLSC- LLS chassis
· M - Side van w/cover
· MC - M chassis
· MWC- chassis w/57-7/8" tread
· LMC- left hand chassis

Option Groups: Utility Solo, Standard Police, Utility for sidecar. Price ranges from $12 to $42.50.


1944 colors



Paint: factory optional or grey or silver