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New for '39 is the more streamline dash with sharp oval indicator lights, arranged is such away to begat the nickname, "cat-eye". Also in the lighting department, was the introduction of the "Boattail" taillight, the body of which is painted to match the fender.

Universal changes: Stainless steel fender tips, fuel filters with compression fit bottom feed connection, extra large oil cup on front brake cable, drain plug on carb bowl, Russet rhino grain leather saddles, Neoprene covered spark plug cables.


Flathead, 45ci, 3 speeds

# mfg.


WL Solo, high compression



WLD Sport Solo



WLDR Competition Special






Servi-Car, 45ci, 3 speed and reverse



G, tow bar



GA, without tow bar



GD, Large Compartment, without tow bar



GDT, Large Compartment, tow bar






Specialty models



GE; W, (45ci w/6.8ci head volume)



WS , (sidecar 45ci)



UMG, (74ci Bosch magneto)




Sidecars & Chassis:
· LE - Sidecar single passenger
· M - Side van w/cover
· MO - Side van w/o cover

Options: Accessories are sold in groups: Standard Solo, Deluxe Solo, Standard Police, Standard Servicar, Deluxe Servicar, (G/GA or GD/GDT), Standard Sport Sidecars, Deluxe Sport Sidecars, Standard for sidecar or package truck, and your Deluxe Truck Group. Prices range from ($12.50-$47.00).


1939 colors

Black with Ivory panel

Teak Red with Black panel

Police Silver with Black stripe

Airway Blue with White panel